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August 2020 Newsletter – NCCAA

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NC Empowered – August 2020
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Community Action Radio Talk Show

Our statewide campaign has launched!  We are thrilled to have started recording our weekly radio talk show pieces.  You can listen to our show live on 92.10 on Saturdays at 9 am.  Or check out our show on our Facebook page.

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Case Management and Head Start Family Engagement Certifications

Want to train your new staff members, or give your current staff a professional development opportunity? Our next certification cohorts are an excellent choice for professional development and training. They come highly rated by our past participants, are 100% online, last 8 weeks and come with a university-sealed certificate.

The Head Start Family Engagement certification starts September 21 and the Case Management certification starts October 12.

Agency News
Success Story
Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR) met Maria at the lowest poi.  When sharing her story, Maria said (translated to English): “ It was a very difficult year for me, but [my Success Coach] gave me strength, made me have to believe in myself and always be persistent. The program has marked my life for the better and taught me to become a strong person with hope.”
ESR’s Self-Sufficiency Program gave Maria a renewed sense of courage—a success she asserts is far more valuable to her than a career or a diploma.  Maria is now enrolled in English as a second language (ESL) classes at Forsyth Technical Community College and her son attends a school better equipped to serve students diagnosed with autismnt in her life.  As a native Spanish speaker, she had difficulty understanding English, and she was fighting to understand the best schooling for her son who has autism.
Community Action News, Publications and Features

Social Determinants of Health*: Making Every Home a Little Safer
*Social determinants of health is a new buzz word within social services. Social determinants represent factors of our physical, emotional and social environment that have key impacts on our health. In fact, 80% of our health outcomes are determined by where we live, work and play…

This month's feature is Coastal Community Action . Coastal Community Action is one of our agencies that provides weatherization and home safety updates to North Carolinians. This work helps create safer homes, which can help reduce medical bills, accidents and safety risks…

NCCAA Shout Out

Miana, the new Intake Coordinator at Passage Home.  Miana is joining us after being a client herself. She says "I was motivated to lend my talents, skills and abilities to this organization based on my experience as an actual client with them.  The programs and services that they provide assisted my children and I with overcoming various challenges, helped us attain self-sufficiency and become once again, whole.  I am excited to assist Passage Home with the furtherance of its mission, which I know first-hand has the potential to change lives."  Her personal experience is going to make her a valuable member of the Passage Home team, and our network!

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