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Spring 2020 Newsletter – CAPO

Community Action Partnership of Oregon

sCAPO Newsletter – Spring 2020
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Fighting Poverty Means Fighting Racism

Earlier this month, we shared our statement on the connection between Community Action’s work and racism and our commitment to fighting the institutional and systemic injustices that cause and increase poverty among black people and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in general.  So, where do we go from here?

Poverty’s connection to racism goes beyond recent events. We are here to do the work as allies and show up for our BIPOC clients, staff, and volunteers. We hope you’ll join us in this work to realize our vision for inclusive and caring communities across Oregon where people have equitable access to the services and resources they need to thrive and are able to meet their own goals.

Information and Assistance for Renters in Oregon

See newsletter for resources on financial assistance and legal information to help renters in Oregon.

CAO Washington County Helps Heather Over the Years for Long-Term Success – View the Video!

In times of hardship, Heather turned to Community Action for help. The support she found propelled her on a remarkable journey from a life of scarcity and instability to a life of thriving and generosity.

Heather’s Story: From Surviving to Thriving

Upcoming CAPO Trainings

In June, CAPO introduced a new online training format comprising four 90-minute web conference sessions over two weeks.  We will hold these training series again in September.  We’re also planning a financial training in August as well as family development and assertive engagement classroom trainings in October.

Neighbor Impact Continues to Serve Community during Pandemic

Expansive changes have been made in service delivery models in order to continue providing all services while maintaining physical distancing and protecting the health of its staff and clients – see newsletter for details.

MWVCAA Community Resource Program Highlights

MWVCAA has adapted many of their existing programs and added new services to address the needs of their community – see newsletter for details.


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