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May 2020 Newsletter – SEACAA

Southeastern Association of Community Action Agencies

Spotlight on Community Action – May 2020
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Coronavirus wreaks havoc in the southeast....and across the globe: "Keep calm and carry on!"

What the coronavirus has taught us about transformation
CIO – Becoming 100% virtual is a major disruptor to the way we do business, the way we learn and the way we live – but it is also propelling us forward while making use of fully available technology…

2020 SEACAA Annual Conference

2020 SEACAA Conference, November 3-6 in Biloxi, MS

Call for Proposals (June 8 deadline) – Sponsors, Advertisers & Exhibitors

SpeakUp SEACAA! – Regional Stories that Inform, Empower and Inspire

ALPI Opens Doors of Opportunity for Promising Young Graduate

Glenn Mason Success Story (KCEOC)

Grow Yourself during the Pandemic!

Professional Certification Opportunities
Executive Leaders Certification Program, SEACAA web-based e-learning platform

SEACAA Certified Community Action Management Program
Two certifications are offered: Certified Community Action Manager and Certified Service Provider/Community Organizer

A Tool for Coaches: Who's in My Circle?
Turning Towards Our Professional Circle
Use this tool to leverage the expertise, power, and support of your network to care for yourself and others

NC Community Action Responds to COVID19

Community Action: Boots on the Ground in all 100 NC Counties
This report describes NC's response to COVID-19 as it swept across the stat

COVID-19 News Items

See newsletter from a number of articles on the pandemic and how CAAs in the southeast are meeting community needs during the pandemic.

Regional & National News

Why is Poverty Persisting…Is Community Action Dreaming the Impossible Dream?
Written by Joyce Dorsey, President/CEO of the Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority in tribute to the millions of America’s poor who ascended from the woes of poverty and now work in dedication to help people help themselves

The Coronavirus Invasion – News Alerts

Gaining Strength and Resilience from the Coronavirus, Thrive Global

Sound the Alarm for Vulnerable Communities, U.S. News & World Report

Coronavirus Compounds Inequality and Endangers Communities of Color, Center for American Progress

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How. from Politico

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Racial Wealth Gap, Center for American Progress

Coronavirus Versus the Last Grocer in Town, The Wall Street Journal


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