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May 26th Weekly Update – MCA

Michigan Community Action

MCA Weekly Update – May 26, 2020
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Upcoming Grants

RP from MI DHHS: Direct Service--Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Program - 2021


Microsoft COVID-19 Trainings
Empowering your remote workforce with end-user security awareness
Education kit contains three full end user phish and privacy education courses, two videos about how attackers are using the pandemic to target victims, and several blog posts, posters, newsletters, and infographic sheets.


Michigan Mails Absentee Ballot Applications

Remote Work Resources

Virtual Team Morale Boosters

1. Encourage staff to pursue learning and professional development opportunities
2. Have virtual coffee breaks where employees can catch up about non work life
3. Do one on one check ins with employees
4. Genuinely care for employees – continue to celebrate birthdays and special events
5. Keep the company’s mission and vision clear at all times
6. Ask for feedback
7. Be transparent and communicate often
8. Focus on performance
9. View this TED Talk about why working from home is good for business

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