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May 2020 Newsletter – Region I RPIC

Region I Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region 1 Reports – May 14, 2020
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CAPLAW Webinar Series

Policies in Practice: Complying with the CSBG Organizational Standards

Upcoming Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer (NCRI) Opportunity

Are you interested in helping your agency implement Results Based Management and Accountability (ROMA)?  If so, apply today to be a Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer (NCRI) and become a part of the next cohort!  The application fee is $775, and Phase I will begin in June - see newsletter for additional information and the online application form.

Reminder! NCRI Recertification Portal Open

According to all standard practices for certification programs, periodic recertification is required to assure continued competence in the knowledge and skills represented by the certification itself...

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Upcoming National T/TA Opportunities

National and Regional Events Calendar

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