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Managing to Change the World

6-Part Online Training

See About the Trainer to explore conducting similar management trainings for your association

Training Description

Managing to Change the World is a six-day, two-hours-a-day course to help managers learn how to check-in with their teams efficiently, hire great people, delegate with confidence and more.  Sessions will include participant-centered activities, like writing exercises, discussions and role-playing to strengthen learning outcomes.

NOTE: Participation is limited to Indiana CAAs in order to promote small group interaction.

The virtual course will be hosted on Zoom from 10 a.m. to noon, on regular business days, Monday, June 1, through Monday, June 8.  To ensure a classroom-like experience, all participants should be present on video, attending from a quiet setting and attending all sessions.

See page one of Managing to Change the World for more details about this training.

Who should attend?

Managers!  This training is specifically focused on manager level staff.  Each agency is encouraged to send at least one, if not more, managers.

This is a great way to get your staff some high-quality professional development in a convenient setting!  The Management Center sends all participants weekly, then monthly follow-up emails with resources, tips, and reminders.

About the Trainer

The Managment Center
We want to see more social change in this country, and we know that producing it is hard. Disparities in money and power mean that social justice advocates need to fight not just as effectively as their opponents, but more effectively. That’s where The Management Center comes in: we help social justice leaders learn how to build and run more effective organizations, so that they can get better results.

See page two of Managing to Change the World for more information including contact information for The Management Center.


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