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Stay at Home Conference – NCCAA

North Carolina Community Action Association

Stay at Home Conference

Thursday, May 14th

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT

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Don't miss out on our first ever Stay at Home Conference.  Since we can't physically be together to learn and network, let's all meet up online!  Join us for a day of engaging and relevant workshops to help you learn and better navigate this moment.  You will also have a chance to network and debrief together with your colleagues.


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No charge for NCCAA members.  The non-member rate is $79.00 for up to two people.  Be sure to enter your preferred mailing address to be sure to receive your 2020 Stay at Home Conference Packet!

Agenda & Speakers

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10:00 AM
The Meeting Leader's Playbook to Team Engagement through Productive Online Meetings
Presenter: Teri Beckman
Is your team on the same page, pulling together and staying focused during this crisis time? If your answer is less than a full ‘yes’, your communication practices may need strengthening. Assess if you are communicating too much or too little and explore guidance to create the most productive intentional meetings possible.

11:00 AM
Active Listening Strategies
Presenter: Marie Huggins
Good communication is not only about expressing yourself.  The skill of active listening is essential to communication and ultimately to genuinely understanding what the other person is saying. This webinar will provide an overview of the listening process and different types of listening, your personal listening style, how and why it is essential to improve or develop active listening skills for effective communication.

12:00 PM
Keynote Lunch Speaker: Junie Christian
Enjoy lunch at home while gleaning motivation and inspiration from our keynote speaker.  Mr. Christian will speak on the topic of: Anxious Times for All - Community Action, created and time tested for a season such as this.

1:00 PM
Leading in Crisis—What to Say

Presenter: Jim Sheegog
When situations suddenly change, we resist the notion of acceptance.  As leaders, we need to understand that employees may be in various stages of adjusting their own emotions.  It’s natural for every single employee to ask, “What Just Happened?”  Our session is focused on “What to Say?”  How can leaders let people know it’s alright to be in shock, angry, even rejecting the new normal that surrounds the workplace.  We’ll pay close attention to themes you identify in the Zoom chat room and a pre-webinar survey, building this session around practical approaches leaders can take to squelch rumors, shape new understanding of events, and regain emotional balance as they refocus on priorities.

2:00 PM
Implementing Ideas to Address Health Equity: Operationalizing Social Determinants of Health

Presenter: Dr. Jameta Barlow
Achieving health equity in the current socio-political and economic climate requires an in-depth analysis of not only the social processes that shaped these determinants, but also the policies that have cemented structural inequities. This presentation will (a) introduce participants to social determinants of health; (b) describe strategies to address them in their communities; and (c) offer resources for participants.


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