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April 2020 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - April 2020

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Focus of efforts in response to the pandemic by NYSCAA and NY CAAs.  Info on new staff member at NYSCAA and new NY CAA executive director.

April’s Poverty Myth

"Poverty is overly complicated" – FALSE
The causes of poverty are hardly opaque. The main forces at work are simple and obvious: The economy isn’t delivering the jobs we need, and workers aren’t receiving the education they need.

However simple and obvious the causes are, poverty is nonetheless treated as some complex matter that will remain with us until hard-working scholars or practitioners discover that elusive magic bullet. This disease model of poverty, which treats it like a rare and incurable form of cancer, is an immensely destructive rhetoric. It wrongly suggests that we don’t know what causes poverty and that we don’t know how to end it. It leads to an unending cycle of flavor-of-the-day fixes that are band-aid solutions to structural problems that would be better solved at the source. – read more about commonly misrepresented poverty myths.

Highlights from Our Agencies

Pro Action of Steuben and Yates – Every day, Pro Action’s Senior Nutrition Program in Steuben and Yates Counties provides over 525 dietician-created and approved meals to vulnerable senior citizens...

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