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March 2020 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - March 2020
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Update on NYSCAA’s efforts addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

March’s Poverty Myth

"Growing up in poverty has no lasting effect on children.” – FALSE
Many believe in the outmoded idea that every American has an equal chance to succeed in life. In truth, poor children begin their journeys at high risk for physical, social, emotional and behavioral problems attributed to lack of nutrition, physical stimulation and/or emotional development. Those challenges can be difficult to overcome as children grow up and attempt to break the cycle of poverty – read more about commonly misrepresented poverty myths.

Highlights from Our Agencies
  • Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County – Awarded a $88,479 Senior Corps grant through the AmeriCorps’s Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)
  • Westchester Community Opportunity Program – Appeared on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  Members of the National Guard arrived in New Rochelle, New York, to help distribute food at New Rochelle Community Action Program, which is one of several WestCOP locations in Westchester County.
Census 2020
CSBG National Partner Resources
  • National Partner Resources on COVID-19
  • National Community Action Foundation (NCAF) Conference Postponed
  • CAPLAW Policies in Practice Webinar Series: Procurement Policy, April 30 – Record Retention Policy, June 4
Additional Resources
National Professional Development Opportunities

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