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January 2020 Newsletter – NCCAA

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NC Empowered – January 2020
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The holiday time has officially passed. So....What now?

Imagine if we could keep the attitude of thankfulness that permeates November throughout the entire year?  And what if we could maintain the spirit of December giving - our love, time, and service to others - the next 12 months?  As you open the blank pages on your planners, let us pledge to keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the year.

2020 NCCAA Board Summit

Save the Date: May 16-17 in Wilmington, NC
Hear from industry leaders on everything from board roles and responsibilities to assessing and understanding your agency’s finances.  We will also have a special dinner session to discuss the relationship between the Board and Head Start Policy Council – more information

2020 NCCAA Annual Training Conference

NCCAA’s 2020 Annual Training Conference will be held from May 12-15 in Wilmington, NC


NCCARE360 Now Live in 50 North Carolina Counties
“What an impressive opportunity to be able to share the most vital resources aimed at improving the social determinants of health,” said Bruce Robistow, Health Director of the Halifax County Health Department. “Being able to close the loop, follow up on progress, and track outcomes are integral to providing the best of whole-person care.”

The Realistic Resolution Solution

Why is it that by March, most New Year’s resolutions have fizzled like stale champagne?  No worries - you're not alone, but do you ever wonder why?  Do you start our with unrealistic goals?  Is it too hard to break bad habits?  Does your lack of willpower undermine your ability to keep your New Year’s resolutions?  Use these tips to make a realistic resolution that you can achieve this year.

Help Create "Happy New Chances" for Returning Citizen's in NCCAA's Reentry Program

Happy NEW Grounds Coffee
Add NCCAA's NEW GROUNDS COFFEE to the list of happy's.  Treat a friend, family members or stock up the office break room and create "happy new chances" for returning citizens in the NCCAA Reentry Program.

Additional Items
  • NC Housing Finance Agency’s Urgent Repair Program – Notice of Funds Available
  • SERCAP has been approved to USDA 502 and 504 loans/grant to assist very low income homeowners in NC with septic system, as well as plumbing repairs and a number of other home repair issues
  • Executive Insights: Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2020, Health IT
  • What Caused the Opioid Epidemic?, The Atlantic
  • Chef's Demonstration Dispels Myths about Eating Healthy (Healthy eating was NCCAA’s December HEALTH=WEALTH topic)
  • 2020 Kids: Building Racial Equity in Child Advocacy (one-day policy summit for child advocates, March 30 in Raleigh, NC)
  • NCCAA Shouts Outs to new CAPLAW Board Member Dr. Ericka Whitaker, CEO for one of the largest Community Action Agencies in North Carolina, Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.

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