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Fall 2019 Newsletter – ANCRT

Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers

The ANCRT Newsletter – Fall 2019
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Report from the Fall ICEP

2020 Spring ICEP

The Spring 2020 ICEP is being held April 1-2 in Omaha, NE

The ICEP is one of the activities that Certified ROMA Professionals have available to them to enable them to keep their knowledge and skills current. The sessions are moved around - so a session should be coming to your part of the country soon. The requirement is to attend at least one of these sessions in each 3 year recertification period.

Implementing the Full ROMA Cycle

ROMA Next Generation Resource Guide posted on the Community Action Partnerships' website

Be Involved in the 2020 Census!!!!

NEW: Implementing ROMA Case Study

Economic Security Corporation (recorded webinar)
Deb Markman describes how the ESC walked through the ROMA Audit and created a Local Theory of Change

October 2020 ICEP

Planning is underway to have the October 2020 session in Columbus, Ohio.  Check the ROMA NPtP Event tab for more information, which will be posted as it becomes available.

NCRT/NCRI Recertification Requirements
As the holder of a national certification, you are responsible for maintaining your skills and knowledge in accordance with the recertification expectations identified by the Association of National Certified ROMA Trainers and Implementers.

The current recertification process for NCRTs includes a way to assure everyone originally certified as a trainer prior to January 2018 has an understanding of the changes to the basic Introduction to ROMA curriculum as of that date; and that all certified Trainers are familiar with the ROMA Next Generation material (supplemental to the basic “Intro” foundation).

Application for NPtP Recertification

If you were originally certified as NCRT in 2016, you WERE DUE FOR RECERTIFICATI0ON IN 2019. Those NCRTs who are not re-certifying in a timely way will be marked as “inactive.”
Check the MY INFO tab to see your original certification date as found in the national data base.  If you need an extension, use the Contact Us tab!!

NOTE: NCRIs recertification process will be starting January of 2020
Look for a new tab after Jan.15

Mission of ANCRT

The Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers provides support and continuing education to Nationally Certified ROMA Professionals, collaborating with national, state, and local community action partners to improve the network's ability to achieve, document, report, and analyze results and to use data for decision making.


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