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2019-2022 Strategic Plan – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

s2019-2022 Strategic Plan


NYSCAA began its strategic planning process in August 2018 with a convening of members of the strategic planning committee, a small group of board members. The group decided upon a strategy to elicit feedback from network stakeholders.  The strategy included holding listening sessions with a variety of CAA staff, conducting an on-line survey, and phone interviews with organizational partners.

Activities Carried Out

Five listening sessions were held in September and October of 2018 and an on-line survey was sent to CAA staff (Executive Directors, Emerging Leaders, direct-service staff and others) in October and November, 2018 (126 responses were received).  In November and December committee members held phone interviews with nine community organizations that NYSCAA currently works with or has had a partnership with in the past.

In November, 2018 an RFP was issued for a consultant to gather and analyze the information collected, lead a staff and board retreat to review the data, and to develop the priorities for a three-year strategic plan for the Association.  The board reviewed all proposals and made a decision to hire CGR in Rochester to lead the planning process.

A board and staff retreat, facilitated by Erika Rosenberg from CGR, was held on May 16, 2019 with ten board members and staff in attendance.  At the retreat, the information gathered from listening sessions, the survey, and community partner interviews was reviewed, the current mission statement was discussed, values were identified, and strategic priorities were drafted.  The 2019-2022 Strategic Plan was approved by NYSCAA's Board of Directors on September 17, 2019.

Components of NYSCAA's Strategic Plan

See the full Strategic Plan for details including goals established under each priority.

  • Introduction
  • Planning Process
  • Mission Statement
  • Values
  • Strategic Plan: Priorities and Goals
    ⇒ Priority 1: Increase awareness about NYSCAA
    ⇒ Priority 2: Increase the capacity of NYSCAA (staff, resources, program, operations, technology)
    ⇒ Priority 3: Strengthen the capacity of the Community Action network
    ⇒ Priority 4: Increase NYSCAA’s impact with advocacy efforts


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