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October 2019 Newsletter – Region II RPIC

Region II Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region II RPIC newsletter – October 2019
New York * New Jersey * Puerto Rico * U.S Virgin Islands

Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census

An estimated 5 percent of kids under the age of 5 weren't counted in the 2010 Census. That's about1 million young children, the highest of any age group.  Everyone is needed to help close this gap in the 2020 Census.  See what the research tells us about why young children are missed and what you can do to help make sure they are all counted.

Census Bureau Launches Updated Website

The U.S. Census Bureau recently launched a new version of 2020census.gov.  The new website adds features, resources and materials to help inform the public about the 2020 Census – read the tip sheet to learn more about items that can be accessed.

2018 Census Poverty & Health Insurance Data Released

On September 10th, the U.S. Census Bureau released its latest data on income, earnings, income inequality, and poverty.  The report finds that median household income, controlling for inflation, increased by .9 percent in the past year, while the official poverty rate has dropped 0.5 percentage points, from 12.3 to 11.8 percent, which is statistically significant.  However, the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) -- which factors in tax credits, government assistance programs, and expenses -- indicates no statistical difference in the amount of Americans living in poverty from 2017 to 2018, nearly half of which are living below 50 percent of the poverty threshold, otherwise known as "deep poverty."  Moreover, the poverty rate among both African-Americans and Hispanics remained more than twice the rate among non-Hispanic whites, which was 8.1 percent.

Visit the Income and Poverty page for more reports and links to applicable data.

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