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2019 Conference – Region IX RPIC

Region IX Regional Performance and Innovation Consortium

2019 Conference

September 16-18 in Honolulu, HI

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CalCAPA is excited to host our conference welcoming national partners, stakeholders, state associations, and state offices from across the region. Attendees are provided the opportunity to learn how training and technical assistance programs, needs assessments, and state training plans can benefit them.  This Regional Performance and Innovation Consortium Region IX conference will be full of enlightening information as we all work to providing needed resources to change lives and promote self-sufficiency!

The contributions made by National Community Action Partnerships to help improve training and techincal assistance are treasured.


Monday, September 16

  • Welcome Ceremony & Introductions
  • RPIC Engagement & Collaborating with State Offices
    RPIC Engagement: Pacific Island support, How the RPIC process can be more effective, and share network mobilization strategies.
    Collaborating with State Offices: Establishing Rules of Engagement and Regional RPIC Plan Coordination
  • Keynote Lunch
  • T&TA Needs Discussion
    ROMA, Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Community Needs Assessment, and Effective Communication
  • Effective Communications, Advocacy & Strategy on National Issues
    How NCAF can better serve Region IX?
  • Strategies for ROMA in the Region
  • Hosting Association Event - Pending

Tuesday, September 17

  • Strategic Planning/Needs Assessment
  • Board Best Practices
    Recording Usable Board Minutes for Monitoring & Compliance, Unduplicated Accounts, Using ROMA Principles to Track Outcomes & Board Governance T&TA Strategies
  • Effective Fundraising Strategies
  • Census 2020
  • Round Robin: Key Takeaways & Commitments

Wednesday, September 18

  • Learning Plans for CAAs
    Using Moodle and Why, Sharing e-Learning Content and National Support Network
  • Head Start
    Opportunities for collaboration, Joint training opportunities and resources, Common understanding between Head Start and CAA Child Care centers and Next steps for ongoing communication
  • Wrap-Up Debrief & Adjourn

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