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August 2019 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - August 2019
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Congratulations to NY CAA staff who recently became Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAP)...and to CAA staff who have completed the requirements to become Certified ROMA Implementers in NY...learn about NYSCAA's upcoming conference and training events featured in this month's newsletter.

August’s Poverty Myth

"Low-Income Individuals Are More Likely to Break the Law” – FALSE
The U.S. prison population is primarily made up of the most disadvantaged individuals in the nation's population.  Our prison surge is mostly due to the war on drugs.  Since 1970, drug arrests have skyrocketed rising from 320,000 to close to 1.6 million according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the U.S. Department of Justice. Aggressive police practices — such as stop and frisk and broken window policies — disproportionately target minority and low-income neighborhoods.

Whether it is a vindictive federal prosecution of a rural Native American family using medical marijuana or state prosecution of an amount of marijuana that is legal within the city limits – mandatory minimum punishments for victimless crimes are disproportionately directed at people living in poverty.  Such individuals are easy targets for overzealous prosecutors: unable to afford legal counsel, people experiencing poverty lack the tools to effectively fight back.  When someone is imprisoned for years or decades because of a victimless crime, the entire community suffers from the loss of a parent, sibling, co-worker, or employee.

Read more from Equal Justice Under Law about the disproportionate incarceration of impoverished individuals and more poverty myths that have been "debunked".


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  • DHS Issues Final Public Charge Rule, CAPLAW
  • Proposed Changes to the Designation Renewal System for Head Start Grantees, ACF Office of Head Start
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Highlights at our Agencies

The Community Action Partnership of Madison County has received a $20,000 grant from the Central New York Community Foundation to bolster its help for families without a home or at risk of becoming homeless.  The grant is the first under a new initiative of the Syracuse-based two-county Community Foundation to tackle poverty in Madison County – read the full article in the Rome Sentinel.

In May of this year, Community Action Programs Cayuga/Seneca entered into an exciting new partnership with Wayne County Action Program to deliver the Weatherization Assistance Program in Cayuga County – read the full article in The Citizen.

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