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No Wrong Door: Service Integration 101 – MASSCAP Training Center

Massachusetts Association for Community Action

No Wrong Door: Service Integration 101

August 15th in New Bedford, MA

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No Wrong Door: Service Integration 101

Target Audience: Executive, leadership planning, and other staff interested in or beginning to implement a service integration model at their CAA

Presenters: Representatives of CAAs currently implementing a service integration model; facilitated by Kathleen McDermott, KJ McDermott Consulting, former ED of Montachusett Opportunity Council Inc., facilitator of MASSCAP Service Integration Community of Practice


Interested in or in the early stages of implementing a service integration model to deliver your organization's services? Learn more about this "no wrong door" approach to serving people in need and advancing your mission! Agenda highlights include:
  • What is a service integration model and how does it differ from your current  process? 
  • Terms used in connection with an integrated service model: Service Integration, Bundled Services, Coordinated Case Management, Front Door, No Wrong Door
  • Steps in implementing a service integration model
  • Culture change: coming together toward a common goal, understanding the "why"
  • Staff buy-in: champions, leadership Team
  • Staff training: process training, other programs, data collection
  • Communication: internal and external
  • Assessing staff capacity, roles and responsibilities
  • Agency common intake and client-centered assessment 
  • When a client becomes a client 
  • Referral process: internal and external
  • Case management and integrated services 
  • Data collection, reporting and analysis
  • Common challenges including multiple databases
  • Managing resources to support an integrated model


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