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August 2019 Newsletter – Missouri CAN

Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri CAN Network Connection – August 2019
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Letter from Missouri CAN Executive Director

Letter from Missouri CAN’s executive director with reflections on how people feel about change and the support and feedback provided by the Missouri Network during her first year as its executive director.

ADVOCACY – A voice for low-income Missourians

Missouri's Medicaid Enrollment Continues to Decline
For the past several months, Missouri healthcare advocates have raised a number of red flags about declining Medicaid enrollment in Missouri, particularly related to children who receive this critical safety net assistance.  In fact, one of our partners recently reported that enrollment fell another -11,552 in June 2019 (including -9,039 kids).  These figures indicate the children in our state are losing health insurance at the second highest rate in the country, behind only Idaho…

Another Attack Against SNAP: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
On July 23, the USDA announced that it is seeking comment on a new proposal that would limit access to SNAP benefits for an estimated 3 million Americans, based on income limits and other assets.  This is just the latest proposal in a series that aims to take SNAP benefits away from those who need it most…A comment period of 60 days opened on July 24, allowing groups to weigh in about the proposed changes…

NETWORK CAPACITY – Helping you help others

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  • 2020 Census: Let's Help Make Everyone Count
    Census info and resources from the Community Action Partnership
  • Missouri CAN Training and Technical Assistance Survey
  • Poverty Simulation facilitator training: Oct. 21-22 in St. Louis
    Contact Evan Melkersman for more information
Missouri CAN CAPACITY – Helping us help you

Featured Items (see newsletter for details)


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