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August 2019 Newsletter – NCCAA

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NC Empowered – August 2019
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Three Leaders Join the Ranks Congratulations, NC CCAP's!

Three prominent leaders from NC's community action agencies have joined the ranks of the nation's most respected Certified Community Action Professionals.  The CCAP program is one of two Excellence Initiatives of the Partnership devoted to personal and professional achievement.

NCAA’s next CCAP cohort and prep class is forming this fall – steps to become a CCAP.

A Hero Among Us Board Member to Receive Recognition

Patricia Beier, NCCAA Board Member and Executive Director of, Wages, Inc . will be one of five honorees who will be recognized for the incredible work in their communities at the upcoming 2019 Defenders of Justice Awards presented by the NC Justice Center on September 20th.

FUNd Development Opportunity

Webinar Recording – Develop unrestricted funding for your agency while supporting a good cause.  You’ll learn how your agency can earn 20% of NEW Grounds Coffee purchases or sales.

Countdown to 2019 SEACAA Annual Conference

SEACAA Annual Conference
September 10-13 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Teaching People How to Talk About Race

The Racial Equity Institute wants to make one thing very clear: this is not your standard Starbucks diversity training.  "One of the challenges today is trying to understand race and racism, its origins and how it's operable in the world and in our systems,” said   Deena Hayes-Greene , the institute’s managing director.  “It is not understood by people, even people experiencing that."

Hayes-Greene wants to help people of all races examine their interactions with racism and understand how ingrained it is in everyday life.  "We think it's really critical for people of color and for white people to have a shared language so that we can speak with each other without all the misunderstandings,” Hayes-Greene said........

Additional Items
  • NCCAA Reentry Model Featured in National Webinar – Learn more about our model and two other successful reentry models by checking out the webinar hosted by the National Community Action Partnership
  • Food Deserts and Food Apartheid – Minority communities are disproportionately poor and face dire health conditions as a result of food options and choices...Thus, food that is fast, cheap, and accessible becomes the meal of choice for millions of low-income Americans. In the past, these circumstances were referred to as ‘food deserts,’ however, activists are now using the term ‘food apartheid'
  • Communicating Impact – Tell us how you have used NCCAA's Ripple Effects report to communicate and illustrate the impact on your community and the state's economy (see newsletter for how the Central Piedmont Community Action used the report)
  • Ten Ways To Spot A Truly Exceptional Employee, Inc.
  • Checkout NCCAA's New Website – Learn more about our Statewide Impact, Statewide and Community-Based Initiatives, Specialized Training and Consultancy Opportunities, CAA Career Opportunities and much more.
  • Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in August

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