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July/August 2019 Newsletter – MCAP

Maryland Community Action Partnership

MCAP News – July/August 2019
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Spotlight on Community Action Agencies

Harford County Community Action Agency takes on new role as Continuum of Care Lead for the County
In May 2019, Harford County Government transferred the role of Continuum of Care (CoC) Lead to Harford Community Action Agency (HCAA).  The purpose of this transfer is to improve coordination of services, improve effectiveness of Homeless Management Information System implementation, allow for more efficient resource allocation and planning, and create improved competitiveness for new resources…The Harford County CoC is governed by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from across the community.

Featured Resource

Check out CAPLAW's Fact Sheets for Tips for Responding to ICE Inquiries at your CAA or Head Start
CAPLAW has provided fact sheets with a few tips for responding to immigration officials who show up at your organization's offices asking to speak to employees or families, or seeking the agency's records pertaining to employees, children, or caregivers.

News & Tools

New Health is Wealth Network Launched by Prosperity Now to Connect Leaders within this Emerging Collaborative Movement
The Health and Wealth Network is a place for practitioners to explore innovative practice and policies that enhance both health and wealth outcomes.  Join the Health and Wealth Network today to collaborate with others committed to improving community financial, physical, and mental health – join now.

Other items

Upcoming Events

2019 New Executive Director's Institute
October 9-11 in Kansas City, MO
This training is appropriate for executive directors who have been in their role for 5 years or less.
This two and half day training is designed to help new executive directors achieve deeper insight into their role, the work of Community Action, and current operating environment of the Community Action Network. The training will be provided by the Community Action Partnership, National Community Action Foundation, and Community Action Program Legal Services, WIPFLi, National Association for State Community Services Programs, and other industry experts…

National Call-in Day, Prosperity Now
Call Congress to push for a fair budget on July 22nd
Call 1-888-668-8919 and tell your Senator:  In September, services we need may come to a screeching halt unless new funding levels and the federal government's authority to borrow are renewed. If Congress does not agree to lift funding levels, there will be automatic cuts next year (known as the sequester). Instead of much-needed progress in funding child care, opioid treatment, education, etc., there will be painful cuts, about 10 percent below this year's funding.

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