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ROMA Professionals in the Field Webinar – Region I RPIC

ROMA Professionals in the Field Webinar


What are Nationally Certified ROMA Professionals (NCRPs) doing in the field?  What should they be doing?  There is not a “one size fits all” job description that can be applied because every agency is so different.  To that end, the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT) is working to establish the baselines of ROMA implementation using a checklist they call a ROMA Audit.

Join your ROMA peers and colleagues from across New England on June 18th as Barbara Mooney shares experiences from NCRPs across the country who have been using the ROMA Audit tool, and what changes (outcomes) they have identified because of ROMA at their agency.  She will also share a NCRI Considerations document that was created with feedback from NCRPs to assist agencies (staff, EDs, etc.) who are thinking of sending someone to become certified.  It is a way to express expectations about what will happen post-certification and was created as a response to some NCRPs who said “I was not the right person to send for this certification.”  Finally, she will ask participants to share their own experiences and to talk about plans to move forward.

*CAFCA will send all participants both documents referenced in the description in advance.


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