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June 2019 Workshop Conference – VACAP

Virginia Community Action Partnership

2019 Workshop Conference

June 10 – 13 in Virginia Beach, VA

Conference Agenda

Conference web page


VACAP member agencies will hold workshops, committee meetings and the membership meeting.  The Fiscal, HR, Planner and ROMA Peer Groups will have workshops.  Project Discovery will hold a board meeting.  Other workshops and meetings will be announced.

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development will hold Weatherization meetings and workshops for Auditors, Crew, Program Managers and TAG.  AECP will have a board meeting and membership meeting.


See conference agenda for workshop descriptions.

Tuesday, June 11

  • Weatherization Program Managers, Auditors and Crew (all day)
  • Human Resources Peer Group
  • Data Analytics - How to Tell the CAA Story
  • Best Practices and Innovative Ideas for Development and Fundraising Initiatives
  • Fiscal Peer Group
  • Information session on 2Gen Pilot Project
  • Advocacy and Government Relations with Kemper Consulting
  • Weatherization Event for all Weatherization Participants

Wednesday, June 12

  • Weatherization Auditors and Crew (all day)
  • Weatherization Program Managers (all day)
  • Using Logic Models for Program Clarity with Barbara Mooney
  • Local Agency Theory of Change with Barbara Mooney
  • VA OVCS Roundtable with Matt Fitzgerald
  • VACAP Head Start Committee
  • Communicating in Crisis
  • Board Roundtable
  • Innovation Committee
  • Beyond Sustainability: Creating Resilient Organizations with Julie Jakopic

Thursday, June 13

  • VACAP Finance and Personnel Committee
  • Weatherization Auditors and Crew
  • Weatherization Program Managers
  • VACAP Training and Arrangements Committee
  • VACAP Membership Meeting and Lunch
  • All Weatherization Participants

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