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Community Action Region X Conference


Region X Conference

April 23–25 in Spokane, WA

Conference agenda

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Keynote Speakers

Realizing the Promise of America through Community Action, Dr. Gail Christopher, Ntianu Center for Healing and Nature
An overview of the foundational concepts of RX Racial Healing and its theory of change

Building Healthy Communities: Inequities and Polarized Tensions, Barry Johnson, Polarity Partners – Lindsay Burr, The Yarbrough Group – Peter Whitt, Enlightenment Consulting Group, LLC
Creating a “Yes, And” Culture of High-Level Performance & Engagement, Galen Emanuele


See conference agenda for workshop descriptions and presenters

April 23rd (one-day plenary sessions)

  • The History of Community Action, David Bradley, NCAF
  • High-Level Overview of the OMB Uniform Guidance, Denes Tobie, WIPFLi, LLP

April 24th & 25th

Data Driven Innovation for CAPs
Audience: Board, Finance, CSBG, Managers, Emerging Leaders

  • Data at Your Fingertips – Exploring Environmental and Public Health Data in Your Community with the Washington Tracking Network
  • Bringing Everyone to the Table: Nonprofits and Medicaid Transformation in Washington & Oregon
  • FCS In Action: Medicaid Transformation of Homeless Housing/Employment
  • Doing More With Less: The benefits of applying Lean Principles to non-profit work
  • Can Tiny Houses Save the World?
  • Tiny Houses in the Big Picture - An Overview of the Movement
  • Drivers of Homelessness & What Works to Bring People Inside
  • Prosperity Now Scorecard: Using Data to Drive Funding and Programs

New Era CAP Leadership
Audience: Boards, Finance, HR, CSBG, Leadership

  • Presenting to the Board: A Fiscal Directors Guide
  • Governance & Leadership for CAP Boards
  • Lean Management in a Non-Profit Organization
  • The Region X Theory of CHANGE: Its past, its present and its FUTURE?
  • Innovating as a Leader in a New Era
  • Today, Tomorrow, & The Day After - Pipeline for Succession Planning
  • Understanding the Status of Poverty in America Today & How CAPs Fit
  • Ask the Experts:  CSBG from the Top

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Audience: All attendees

  • Understanding Diversity: Who Am I? Who Are You?
  • Stepping Up:  Diversity as an Asset and a Challenge
  • The Implications for Equity & Inclusion in Changing Systems
  • Best Practices for Creating a DEI Focused Agency
  • Inequities & Polarized Tensions (2-part session)
  • Impact of Unconscious Bias on Leadership
  • Managing AND Healing Internal Tensions as Leaders

ACEs & Trauma Informed Care for CAP Professionals
Audience: Direct Staff, HR, Leadership

  • From Adversity to Resilience: A Holistic Approach
  • Understanding the basics of ACEs & Trauma Informed Care
  • Applying Trauma-Informed Care: Key Concepts to Guide You
  • Applying Trauma-Informed Care: Practical Skills to Increase Effective Response
  • Skill Building for Trauma Informed Professionals
  • From Organizational Trauma to Organizational Resilience
  • Implementing the Tools of "Yes, And" to Strengthen Your Agency
  • Becoming a Trauma Informed Agency

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