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February 2019 Newsletter – NYSCAA

New York State Community Action Association

NYSCAA newsletter - February 2019
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Our agenda for the 13th Annual Symposium on Poverty and Economic Opportunity, to be held in Latham, NY on March 27 & 28 continues to fill with compelling speakers and topics…We also have our ‘Grant Writing as Sacred Service” Webinar on February 28th… And stay tuned for our webinar on Advocacy with CAPLAW in March...

Take advantage of the 2020 Census Audience Outreach Toolkit and consider what strategies you may need to employ when serving the “Hard to Count” population for the 2020 Census…

February’s Poverty Myth

“Food Stamps Are a Waste of Money”
FALSE: Every $1 spent on SNAP brings in $1.70 in economic benefits.  According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), in a typical month, “SNAP helped about 42 million low-income Americans afford a nutritious diet.” That translates to a reduction in food insecurity of over 30%. Moreover, about 40% of beneficiaries are children – read more from ATD Fourth World USA.

  • Agenda posted for NYSCAA’s 13th Annual Poverty Symposium, March 27 & 28
  • Grant Writing as Sacred Service, February 28 webinar
  • Schedule for NYSCAA and DOS Regional Meetings
  • NYSCAA creates new Training Request Portal
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Highlights at our Agencies

PathStone, a Rochester, New York based CAA that serves several states and Puerto Rico, partnered with Rural LISC to invest a joint $500,000 in InverSOL, an affordable, small scale, portable solar-powered generator as an alternative to gas-powered generators that delivers a safe and environmentally-friendly power solution to island residents…

Opportunities for Otsego: Violence Intervention Program – Rape Counselor Certification

Community Action Partnership for Madison County – Awarded grant for infant and toddler literacy

NYSCAA Events/Job Listings and National Professional Development Opportunities

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