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Holiday 2018 Newsletter – Tennessee Association of Community Action

Tennessee Association of Community Action

TACA Newsletter – Holiday 2018
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Tennessee’s CCAP Kickoff

Tennessee's Community Action Agencies recently held a kick-off for the Certified Community Action Program (CCAP) in Tennessee…TACA announces nine individuals are enrolling in CCAP. The rigorous process includes submission of the Candidate Data Form, Executive Skills Portfolio and passing the Certification Exam.  Candidates have the support of a national study group, the CCAP Commission, TACA, and their cohort along the way. We wish them all the best and success!

"A Job I Love" – A Story of Success

The Burris family originally came into the Washington County Neighborhood Service Center of Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency to request assistance with an electric disconnect notice…Mrs. Burris was employed part-time up until late spring, but was only working on an as needed basis.  Although Mr. Burris was working full-time, he was not earning a living wage. Mrs. Burris stated she was not able to work full-time due to being enrolled at Ross Medical Education Center.  She was pursuing certification in medical assisting.  She feared she would eventually have to quit the Program due to lack of income in the household.  The family barely had enough gas money for Mr. Burris to get back and forth to work…

Staff with the Neighborhood Service Center enrolled Mrs. Burris in the Self-Sufficiency Program… During Mrs. Burris' enrollment in the Program, the family was evicted from their home.  The Self Sufficiency Program assisted with the first month of rent and an apartment deposit at a more affordable residence.  This helped to remove the unaffordable housing barrier for the family; enabling them to attain another goal.

With the assistance of UETHDA, Mrs. Burris achieved her goal of graduating with her Medical Assistant Certification, September 11, 2018.  As a result, she was able to secure full-time employment in November. She now earns above minimum wage.  Mrs. Burris stated, "I love my new job, all my hard work is paying off!"  "Thanks so much for all the help, I'll continue to refer others to UETHDA!"

Looking to the Future

Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency was well represented at the 2018 Force for the Future Conference...The conference was sponsored by Senior Service America, Inc., and the Institute for Work and the Economy.  The conference provided workforce and Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) practitioners and employers with insight as to what the future might hold for work and workers 50+ in America…

Community Action Fighting Opioid Abuse

At the Southeastern Association of Community Action’s (SEACAA) Annual Conference in Orlando this fall, Rebekah Provost-Emmons, Director of Justice Services, South Central Human Resource Agency, told of her agency’s journey in implementing a multi-pronged approach to addressing the opioid crisis by expanding services to the justice involved population in unserved, underserved, and inadequately served areas.  Through state grant awards, the agency has implemented two new recovery courts and is piloting a re-entry program at a local jail...

Community Action Spirit
  • MECAA’s Operation Holiday Cheer packages were delivered by volunteers and staff to almost 200 seniors…
  • Eastman Chemical Company's Worldwide Engineering & Construction division stopped by to spread early Christmas cheer to UETHDA’s Head Start children…
  • Kara's success story from DCEA's #HopefulHolidays series – see more stories (DCEA Facebook)

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