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November 2018 Newsletter – Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri CAN Network Connection – November 2018
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Advocacy - A voice for low-income Missourians

Connecting with Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
Missouri CAN had previously sent a letter on behalf of the Network to Hartzler's office urging her to protect and expand SNAP benefits as part of the Farm Bill negotiations.  Sarah [Hackman] spoke individually with Hartzler sharing the importance of SNAP for Missouri families and children, and provided a copy of the previously sent letter, 2018 Poverty Report and “A Day in the Life" Fact Sheet.
2018 Farm Bill Negotiations to Renew
Prior to the expiration of the bill at the end of September, conference committee members indicated that if a new version of the bill is not finalized by the end of December, programs like SNAP could be affected – in turn negatively affecting many folks served by Community Action Agencies around Missouri…The letter our Network submitted to the congresswoman in August asked her to consider the Senate version of the Farm Bill, which includes strong provisions for SNAP – unlike the House version, which would implement stringent work-tracking requirements for SNAP recipients and likely reduce or end benefits for many of the folks served by Community Action…
Changes Proposed to Community Reinvestment Act
Regulations under the CRA are currently being considered for reform. To ensure the CRA remains a vital component of helping low- to moderate-income (LMI) folks move toward self-sufficiency, members of our Network are encouraged to post comments about potential changes to the CRA. The National Community Reinvestment Coalition offers much guidance on this issue
Missouri Voters Overwhelmingly Pass a Raise to State Minimum Wage
In a huge victory on November 6, the Raise Up Missouri Campaign celebrated the overwhelming support of its measure that proposed to raise the minimum wage to $12/hour over a period of several years. Nearly 62% of Missouri voters supported Proposition B, which will kick off with a minimum wage increase to $8.60 per hour beginning in 2019.The increase in the minimum wage is a key component of our Network’s public policy priorities, the first of which relates to Economic and Family Security. As one of the Five Elements of Poverty, our commitment to providing economic and family security for all Missourians includes a living wage. The passage of Proposition B will help ensure a brighter future for low-income residents throughout our state…

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FY2019 Training and Technical Assistance calendar
We released our Fiscal Year 2019 Training and Technical Assistance calendar at the beginning of October

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