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September 2018 Newsletter – IACAA

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

IACAA News – September 2018
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Income Qualified Southern Energy Efficiency Meeting

Energy Efficiency 101 Teleconference/Webinar
October 1, 2018

ROMA "Train the Trainer"

Our Operating Environments Need ROMA
In Illinois, we currently have 7 certified ROMA trainers and 23 ROMA Implementers.  Ideally, every CAA should have both a ROMA trainer and a ROMA implementer who assist in learning and applying ROMA in all aspects of agency operations…

IACAA ROMA Training Session (open to the entire national network)
November 6-8 in Springfield, IL

gOEbase – An Organizational Development Resource

gOEbase is an organizational development resource bank that provides tools and guides on specific aspects of an organization. IACAA has a subscription to help with planning and provide support to the membership.

Future Work Visioning Exercise provides a structured approach to look ahead and anticipate where work may need to be performed differently. Use it when you need to examine jobs or functions that will need to change significantly. It is based around a set of 12 questions that examine workplace trends, how work might need to change, and the actions that should be taken to prepare for the future.

Use the Creating a Job Description for a Future Job methodology to conduct a future oriented job analysis and produce a useful initial job description.

Keystone Magazine

Keystone Magazine is a resource funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Keystone Magazine focuses on providing resources for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

This weeks' Keystone Magazine focuses on Mental Health Resources for Parents and Youth.

Fundamentals of Evaluation Practice: Assessment, Accountability, and Sustainability

October 11 in Springfield, IL – more info

Training will include:

  • Community-oriented summit focusing on data-driven assessment and social impact.
  • Six Fundamentals of Evaluation Practice
  • And more!


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