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September 2018 Newsletter – CAAP

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CAAP News Update – September 2018
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National and state-level poverty data release

Every September, the U.S. Census Bureau releases a number of reports and findings pertaining to poverty in the country based on previous year data.  Three of the reports released by the bureau this month come from two different surveys which collect income data in diverse ways, both of which reflect trends from the 2017 calendar year.

On September 12, the Census Bureau released information from the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC) from which the “Income and Poverty in the United States,” “Health Insurance Coverage in the United States,” and “The Supplemental Poverty Measure” reports are developed.  On September 13, the bureau released the American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year estimates of state and local data…

Important information about Pennsylvania General Assistance

On July 18, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court voted 7-0 to repeal Act 80 of 2012, which eliminated General Assistance that year. This cash assistance program provides minimal income support for low-income individuals with serious disabilities, people fleeing domestic violence, and individuals in active drug treatment for limited periods of time. General Assistance provides a small monthly grant, approximately $200, to qualified individuals. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has already started taking applications for General Assistance (GA) again…

Collaborative Conference partners have rolled out a new conference application!

The Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR), the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania (CAAP), and the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) are proud to be teaming up for a second time to present the 2018 collaborative conference on October 4 & 5...

October 30th is Weatherization Day!

During the month of October, Community Action Agencies highlight the benefits of the Weatherization program. Month long Weatherization activities culminate on October 30th for Weatherization Day

Weatherization Program Update (webinar)
Fall Update from DOE WAP Program Manager, Community Action Partnership, Oct. 3

National Community Action Partnership event updates

Presentations from 2018 Annual Convention

2019 Management and Leadership Training Conference in New Orleans, LA from January 16-18

2019 Annual Convention in Chicago, IL from August 28-30

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