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September 2018 Newsletter – Indiana Community Action Association

Indiana Community Action Association

IN-CAA Newsletter – September 2018


IIWF releases 2018 "The Status of Working Families in Indiana" report
At the turn of the 21st century, Indiana stood as a leader in the Midwest, ranking at least average or better than the region as a whole in family incomes, poverty, prime-age employment rates, union coverage and more.

But after 2004, wages began to decline due to poor public policy choices. In 2009, median Hoosier household wages fell below the average of the South's, where they've remained virtually tied at best.  – read full article.

The TANF federal block program turns 22 years old
The Indiana Institute for Working Families has been researching, thinking about and advocating for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) for more than a decade. As the program celebrated 22 years on Aug. 22, IIWF director Jessica Fraser published a blog post reviewing some of the major issues still plaguing the program – read full article.


Community Action training now available!
Registration is now open for 2018-2019 Community Action trainings that include topics such as:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Major Gifts
  • Civics Training on State Government's Legislative Process
  • Introduction to Procurement

Community Impact

Alliance for Human Services report says human-service organizations contribute $722 million to local economy
Nonprofit, human-service organizations contribute more than $722 million to the local economy each year, according to a May study released by the Alliance for Human Services, an association of more than 50 nonprofit organizations. The study also shows that Allen County's human-service organizations are a major local employer and investor, paying a total of $382 million in wages each year and holding more than $552 million in assets – read full article – view one-page summary of the report.

Area IV Agency's Ramp-Up Indiana Program brings independence to clients
Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs and Rotary Club of Monticello volunteers built their first wheelchair ramp through the Ramp-Up Indiana Program on June 29, leaving Marine veteran William Taulbee feeling more independent than ever – read full article.


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