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2018 Summer Conference – Michigan Community Action

Michigan Community Action

2018 Summer Conference

July 10-12 in Thompsonville, MI

Conference Schedule

Conference web page

Conference Resources

Access information and material related to the conference including Sponsorship Form and Exhibitor Form.

MCA’s summer conference is also the time money is raised for the Friends of Michigan Community Action, our political action committee.  Our annual reception for the 52 Club Members and auction is a great time to socialize with colleagues and get some great deals!

Featured Speakers

  • Judge Tommy Webb, You Can Make a Difference!
  • Tom Williams, Nonprofit Network, How Successful Leaders Manage Organizations in Times of Change
  • Jeannie Chaffin, Achieving Excellence in Challenging Times
  • Dr. Luke Shaefer, Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the University of Michigan Poverty Solutions, Rising Levels of $2 a Day Poverty in the US
  • David Bradley, National Community Action Foundation, Legislative Update and Forecasting the 2018 Midterms

Breakout Sessions

This year's conference will feature more than 30 sessions – see description of breakout sessions.  Eight topics areas are being covered – see conference schedule.

*Michigan Head Start Association Directors’ Summer Networking, July 9
*CAA Directors Retreat, July 9
*Directors Dinner, Sponsored by USDA Rural Development, July 9
*Michigan Head Start Association Directors’ Summer Networking, July 10
*One-on-One Consultation/Review with Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer on Organizational Standard 4.3, July 10

Tuesday, July 10

Morning Sessions

  • Every Person Has Value (Diversity)
  • Update on 2 CFR 200 and GAAP Accounting TECH
  • Ask an Admin! FACSPro Q and A
  • What Every CAA Board Member Should Know, Part One
  • Past to Present: Paving the Way for Stronger Client Outcomes
  • Strategies for Managing your Weatherization Assistance Program
  • CAA Showcase: Financial Literacy Programs
  • Protecting Case File Process from Fraud and Non-Compliance
  • Ad Hoc Reporting in FACSPro: Mapping and Analysis to Better Serve Clients
  • What Every CAA Board Member Should Know, Part Two
  • How to Thrive in the Radically Changing World of ROMA
  • Weatherization: Measuring Performance vs Proving Performance

Afternoon Sessions

  • Behavior Reflects Attitude (Customer Service)
  • How to Prepare Better Financial Statements
  • The Challenges of Public CAAs
  • History and Background of Community Action
  • Data Analytics with a CAA PURPOSE!
  • Rebuilding the Weatherization Program at your Agency
  • Skills to Better Manage My Self Care
  • Going Paperless: The New Frontier in HR
  • Customer Facing Technology: Providing Access through Technology, Panel Discussion
  • Board Networking—Meet and Learn from other CAA Board Members
  • Amp Up your Community Needs Assessment
  • Michigan Weatherization Training Center and Update on Certifications
  • Michigan Career and Technical Institute: A Rehabilitation and Vocational Education for Adults with Disabilities

Wednesday, July 11

Morning Sessions

  • Our Customers Deserve the Best—Lessons in Customer Service
  • Using Person Centered Language to Encourage Inclusion (Diversity)
  • Designing a Strategic Thinking and Planning Lab
  • How to Get Started in Affordable Housing Development
  • Writing Effective RFPs for IT and Audit Services
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities Under the CSBG Act and CSBG Organizational Standards
  • QCI Perspective and Accountability
  • Conflict Management Skills for Everyone
  • The Talent Review Framework: A Radical Approach to Performance Management
  • State Update: BCAEO's Strategies, Trends, and Impact for CSBG
  • CAAs as Housing Assessment and Resource Agencies (HARAs): Panel Discussion
  • CAA Board Development: Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition
  • How to Use your CSBG Annual Report and Logic Models
  • Michigan Weatherization Retrofit Field Guide
  • New Developments in Technology, Part One (Working Title)
  • 20 Social Media Tips for Fundraising

 Afternoon Sessions

  • Hiring and Retaining the Best People
  • Home Visits: Safeguards and Planning
  • MCA Leadership Development Institute—prior enrollment required
  • Executive Directors Panel Discussion: Making a Career in Community Action
  • Community Level Leadership
  • Shoestring Marketing: Low Cost, High Impact Community Engagement Ideas that Work
  • New Developments in Technology, Part Two
  • Quality Assurance, Program Performance, Common Monitoring Findings, and Health and Safety Plan
  • Poverty Matters NOW—Learn Strategies to Help
  • LIHEAP Update
  • MCA Leadership Development Institute—prior enrollment required
  • CSBG Community Action Plan and State Plan
  • CAA Showcase: Model Programs from around the Network, Panel Discussion
  • Weatherization Managers Meeting
  • Your Communications Report Card: How are You Doing Really and What You Really Should be Doing
  • The Carver Model of Governance

Thursday morning, July 12

  • Energy Programs Update: LCA/MEAP/EE Wraparound
  • ROMA and ROMA Next Generation for Boards
  • New FASB Requirements
  • Breaking Down Silos Within an Organization to be More Effective for Clients and Staff
  • Raising More Money: Getting Grassroots Gifts to Grow Your Mission, Laura Huth, do good Consulting
  • Getting the Most from FACSPro in the Weatherization Assistance Program
  • Storytelling: Weaving Words that Really Wow
  • Uniform Guidance: The Basics of a Single Audit
  • Understanding the Legislative Process
  • ROMA Collaborative Meeting
  • Leveraging WAP with Public and Private Funding to Improve Housing Quality


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