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June 2018 Newsletter – IACAA

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

IACAA News – June 2018
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Larry Dawson Joins IACAA

Larry Dawson announced as the Director of Utility and Weatherization Assistance Programs at the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies...Larry comes to IACAA as a previous Director of the Illinois Office of Energy Assistance and brings several years of expert experience to our team...

Weatherization Program Updates

A meeting is being held on July 30 focusing on workforce development plus a progress update will be given from utilities on income qualified EE programs...

IACAA is seeking volunteers that are willing to participate in a pilot discussion forum to share best practices in operating the utility programs...

VirtualCAP RoundUP – A Valuable Resource for Community Action Agencies

Take advantage of the Community Action Month Special Offer extended through July 15 to receive a 20% discount on an annual subscription to VirtualCAP RoundUP.  This is an eligible CSBG T/TA expense.

Reduced annual price is only $100 for 12 issues or around $8/month!  Subscribe online with coupon code: CAM2018 or request an invoice.

IACAA Webinar Wednesdays

Monthly webinars will be hosted by IACAA with expertise from the Illinois Network and partners. The topics will include ROMA, reporting, data gathering and analysis, family development, and other areas of interest...

The next webinar is scheduled for July 18th.

Other Items

  • ROMA Train the Trainer sessions, Nov. 6-8
  • Planning underway for 2019 IACAA Annual Conference


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