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2018 NCCAA Annual Conference

North Carolina Community Action Association

2018 Annual Conference

May 8-11 in Asheville, NC


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We are over poverty! Everyday our agencies work to end the effects poverty has on families and communities across North Carolina.  As we work to get people and families “over poverty” and move towards self-sufficiency we want to provide new insights into tackling the issue. All levels of community action and nonprofit staff whether newcomer or seasoned professionals will obtain strategies, tools, skills and best-practices to help families build new possibilities. Plenary sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities will foster collaboration and focus attention on the diverse faces of poverty in North Carolina while promoting positive change in our communities.

Conference Speakers and Workshop Presenters

Tuesday, May 8

  • Day of Service: Support local low-income citizens with hygiene item donations
  • SEACAA and NCCAA Board of Directors Meetings

Wednesday, May 9

  • District Meetings
  • The Indispensable Assistant Training (separate registration required)
  • General Opening Session featuring Dr. James Johnson, Jr., William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of strategy and entrepreneurship and director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center at the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise
  • Roundtable Lunch Discussions
  • NCCAA Council of Executive Directors Meeting
  • Workshops
    • Social Determinants on Health
    • Four Steps to Successful Fundraising: Plan, Plan, Plan and Work
    • Weatherization Staffing Issues: Hiring & Maintaining A Qualified Workforce
    • The Courage to Start a Social Enterprise
    • Let’s Get Stirred Up!
    • Fiscal 286 Updates
    • HVAC Combustion Appliance Zone(CAZ) Review, Part 1
    • Telling the Story with AR4CA Reports
    • ROMA for Boards
    • Branding: The importance of Knowing and Understanding Your Brand as a Community Connector
    • Sustainable Fundraising
    • Weatherization Fiscal Roundtable
    • HVAC Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Review, Part 2

Thursday, May 10

  • Legislative Update with David Bradley
  • NCCAA Business Meeting
  • Coordinator/Crew Leader Best Practices, Part 1
  • Community Engagement with Denise Harlow
  • NCCAA 2018 Award Luncheon
    The Essential Piece AwardStanding Awards Flyer and Selection Criteria for three awards
  • Workshops
    • Recurring Field  Issues and Solutions (Weatherization Programmatic)
    • Weatherization Grants  and the Uniform Guidance: Understanding the Auditor's Playbook (Weatherization Fiscal)
    • Transitioning from CSBG-IS to the CSBG Annual Report
    • Don't React! Respond!
    • Building the Board  You Need  for Uncertain Times
  • Workshops
    • OEO Updates
    • What’s New in Head Start?
    • Excel Items
    • Coordinator/Crew Leader Management Best Practices, Part 2

Friday, May 11

  • Closing Session
  • Weatherization Assistant 8.9 Introduction
  • Sexual Harassment: Let's Talk About It
  • 2018 NCAA Board Summit


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