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March 2018 Newsletter – Michigan Community Action

Michigan Community Action

MCA Catalyst – March 2018
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SMCAA Partners with Benton Harbor in Home Rehab

Low-income families gain housing through the Home Empowerment Program
Ensuring the health and safety of residents is the mission of a new partnership between the city of Benton Harbor and Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency.  The city has selected SMCAA to administer a home rehabilitation program that it is restarting after seven years of dormancy...

Volunteers help keep the heat on

More clients in need of energy assistance are getting help thanks to volunteers lending their time at Community Action Agencies.  At Mid-Michigan Community Action, the CAA serving a six- county area and headquartered in Farwell, a volunteer is the first person to meet and greet applicants for the Michigan Energy Assistance Program.  Paperwork and processing applications take time, so volunteers really help speed up the process...

March is a Busy Month for Advocacy

As Congress debates whether critical programs that help Michigan families will continue to be funded, Community Action Agencies and their state associations are planning a series of events and meetings to highlight the importance of safety net programs to the economic survival of low income Americans...

CAA employees can save on tuition, degree programs at Capella University

Take advantage of a $4,000 Grant and other financial incentives from Capella University through April, 2018!  ...In partnership with Capella University, Michigan Community Action employees and immediate family members are eligible for significant financial and educational benefits – see newsletter for details.

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Did you know?

Military personnel returning home from deployment often face social, emotional and psychological problems.  They need help finding counseling, jobs, housing and health care.  Community Action Agencies in Michigan can help! Through programs such as homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing, homeless veterans may receive assistance in identifying underlying causes of homelessness, access to mainstream benefits and resources, obtaining safe and affordable permanent housing and employment skill building.

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