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Strategic Plan, FY18-FY20 – MASSCAP

Massachusetts Association for Community Action

MASSCAP Strategic Plan
October 2017 – September 2020


The FY18-FY20 Strategic Plan will guide MASSCAP’s work over the next three years in pursuit of our mission – to strengthen and connect the statewide network of Community Action Agencies and collectively advocate for an end to poverty.

MASSCAP’s Strategic Directions

Leading the Economic Opportunity Anti-Poverty Agenda
Lead the economic opportunity anti-poverty agenda through a unified and comprehensive agenda, thought leadership and strong messaging and branding.

Enriching Relationships and Resources for The Network
Develop and nurture relationships with state government entities for the purpose of influencing policy; enhancing access, presence and engagement; and, through education, cultivating opportunities to build champions on behalf of people living in poverty.

Driving Data with Action
Build a strong system of statewide data collection and analysis, with better use of data that is widely shared in accessible ways.  Use data to tell the story and drive actions.

Enhancing Organizational Excellence
Build on our organizational base and continue to increase capacity to meet the dynamic needs of the network and reach our collective goals.

Additional Information

The Strategic Plan includes the following sections:

  • About MASSCAP – Our Mission – Our Vision – Our History
  • The Strategic Planning Process – Process Elements – What We Learned
  • Three Year Practical Vision
  • Strategic Directions with planned actions for each strategy
  • Our Team




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