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January 2018 Newsletter – Michigan Community Action

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MCA Catalyst – January 2018
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South Michigan families protected from lead in homes

More families in central and southwest Michigan will live in safer, lead-free homes thanks to a new lead abatement program by Community Action of South Central Michigan (CAASCM).  The agency partnered with the city of Battle Creek in obtaining a $1.5 million grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to remove lead from 50 homes...

Skilled trades students to help housing deficit in Allegan County

Unemployed workers are gaining trade skills as they learn how to build affordable housing for low income Allegan County residents, thanks to a collaboration among Community Action Allegan County (CAAC) and other community stakeholders.  CAAC created the “Dual Project”, a pre-apprenticeship program, along with Michigan Career Technical Institute, Michigan Association of Homebuilders and MiWorks, designed to groom new skilled trades workers.

Thirty students, most of whom have only completed high school, are expected to graduate with certification that will position them to compete for construction jobs.  Meanwhile, they will construct eco-friendly homes that low-income families will be able to afford...

Crafting valuable social media content takes creativity

Social media is a rapidly expanding communication tool that includes nearly 2 billion Facebook users, 800 million Instagram users and 330 million Twitter followers, according to Statista.  With opportunities to engage diverse groups of people, social media is another platform for Community Action Agencies (CAAs) to spread awareness of their mission to alleviate poverty.  Here are a few quick tips to help CAAs become more social media-savvy – see newsletter for helpful tips on effectively using social media for your agency.

Careers of Community Action members recognized

  • Ivan Love, Executive Director of Capital Area Community Services retiring on Jan, 19 after 41 years of service
  • Sandie Essendrup, Executive Director of Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency is also retiring

Poverty statistics per district available on MCA website

Poverty rates across Michigan are being tracked by Michigan Community Action, in order to help communities compare and contrast the incidence of poverty locally.  Fact sheets with statistics on population, educational attainment and median wages are available by Senate and House districts. The project was a joint effort with the Michigan League for Public Policy.

Warm Hearts Warm Homes campaign a success

Thanks to the generous support of Central Michigan University Public Radio, Consumers Energy Foundation, and Isabella Bank, there will be an additional $67,000 for local Community Action Agencies to help clients with energy assistance. Funds were raised as a dollar-for-dollar match of pledges made to WCMU Public Radio...

Did you know?

Payday loans are marketed as an infusion of cash, typically in small amounts, to financially struggling people, however, during emergencies borrowers often get into a cycle of debt that can last months or even years.  Many Community Action Agencies offer training in financial literacy, household budgeting, tax return preparation, individual development accounts and other ways to help clients and families avoid the payday lending trap.

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