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November 2017 Newsletter – Michigan Community Action

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MCA Catalyst – November 2017
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Extended Head Start hours expand families' success

For parents who are not working a typical 9 to 5 workday, it can be difficult to find quality child care that fits their hectic schedules.  Now, parents in Calhoun have more opportunities to succeed in the workplace and find care for their children thanks to Community Action’s Early Head Start Extended Hours Project...

Turn empty storefronts into affordable housing

Some Michigan communities have an abundance of vacant storefronts and office buildings that serve as blight instead of anchors of neighborhood commerce.  Some shuttered businesses could be reborn as housing for those who want to live closer to the jobs they seek.  That would help to solve two problems: the cancerous effect of vacant buildings on neighborhoods, and lack of affordable housing that keeps people from moving into areas that offer jobs.

The idea is being considered in Washington, D.C., where a proposed law would promote the conversion of underused or vacant office buildings to subsidized low-income housing.  About 11 percent of the city’s commercial properties are vacant. The pending bill awaits a hearing...

Community Action Agency professionals hone their skills

Aspiring leaders of Community Action Agencies met for MCA's 6th annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Oct. 26. The group of 37 students, LDI's largest ever, complete a nine-month curriculum to help them develop effective leadership styles and qualities, creating stronger agencies at home...

Nearly 50 CAA professionals attended the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars and Cost Allocation seminars Wednesday, Nov. 1- 2

Did you know?

Besides cutting energy costs for households and businesses, energy efficiency has many other non-energy benefits, such as improved health for residents, more economic development for communities and greater financial savings for utilities, which can be passed on to consumers.  A shift to clean energy offers a chance to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, while conserving non renewable fossil fuels.

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