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November 2017 Newsletter – Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri CAN Network Connection – November 2017
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ADVOCACY – A voice for low-income Missourians

Advocacy Update
As we ramp up for the upcoming Missouri legislative session, it is important to remember that advocacy happens every day in many ways.  We can engage in advocacy work through our daily conversations with friends, neighbors, and others in our community.  Our elected officials are available year round, and many of them advertise the times when they can meet you for a conversation over a cup of coffee, public town hall meeting or similar event.

Not sure how to contact your legislator? Try these easy-to-navigate web sites:

Civic engagement doesn’t end with voting—that’s just the beginning. Educating our elected officials and making sure they are aware of the impact of policies and legislation at all levels is an ongoing process.  Do you think your legislators know what’s happening in your neighborhood?  Be sure they do by connecting with them and talking about what’s important in your community.

NETWORK CAPACITY – Helping you help others

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  • A Professional Alliance Just for Results Oriented Management and Accountability Next Generation (ROMA NG)
  • Family Development Credential (FDC) and the national FDC website
  • Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) Class of 2018!
  • MIS Onboarding Team Update

Missouri CAN CAPACITY – Helping us help you

Featured Items (see newsletter for details)

  • Missouri CAN Staff Update
    The Missouri CAN team has been working on an intentional team-building plan.  The Missouri CAN Board of Directors has made this investment to help our team grow and become more resilient so we can better support Missouri’s Community Action Agencies.  The process includes Clifton StrengthsFinder tools, facilitated discussions with New Chapter Coaching, and a lot of teamwork
  • Agency Visits
  • Membership Matters

On the Calendar

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At Missouri CAN, our mission is to advocate for low-income Missourians and strengthen the Community Action Network.
We envision a state where all people and communities thrive.

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