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October 2017 Newsletter – Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

CAAP News Update – October 2017
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Agency Snapshot: Berks Community Action Program

Berks Community Action Program (BCAP) and Brian Twyman (City Councilman, Community Leader, and BCAP Board member) have joined forces to create an initiative to restore and maintain Reading’s City Parks, as well as teach CAP’s Kids (youth involved in the BCAP Community Youth Initiative Mini Grants’ programs) how to work to keep our environment healthy and growing...

2017 CAAP Self-Sufficiency Award Winners!

Each year, the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania’s Self-Sufficiency Awards recognize the significant accomplishments of the award winners while showcasing how Community Action Agencies support an individual's path toward self-sufficiency...

CAAP honored 22 individuals with the full Self-Sufficiency Award and recognized three Community Action clients who demonstrated excellent progress towards self-sufficiency.  During the SSA ceremony, we learned about how these individuals found themselves in financial uncertainty, the role Community Action played during their journey back into the middle class, and their vision for the future – 2017 Self-Sufficiency Awards bookletAwards Ceremony video (2:40).

Pennsylvanians' Benefits, Made Easier

A Secure Convenient Simple Way to Manage Your Benefits – The myCOMPASS PA mobile app allows Pennsylvanians who receive state benefits to report changes to their personal information, view notices from the Department of Human Services (DHS), check the status of their submitted applications, upload documents, and complete semi-annual reports — all conveniently from their smartphones. Pennsylvanians can keep their benefits up-to-date by using the mobile app...

Here’s why you want a VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America)

In the 52 years that VISTA has existed, 220,000 VISTA members have served in Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.”  It’s no surprise that with such an extensive alumni base, many VISTA members have gone on to become notable figures in the fields of photography, literature, and politics.  Many carry with them into their careers a sense of service and activism, which stem from their earlier days as VISTAs.

In the spirit of encouraging VISTA program participation, we put together a list of notable people, who you may or may not have heard of, who are excelling in their field of work and got their start in the VISTA program...

What are you doing for Weatherization Day?

Weatherization Day is October 30th! If you haven't utilized it already, you can find the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) Weatherization Day Toolkit here. Below are 5 ways you can increase the impact of your Weatherization Day efforts – see newsletter to read more.

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