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September 2017 Newsletter – Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania


sCAAP News Update – September 2017
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Agency Snapshot: Community Action in Beaver County

Imagine yourself packing all your belongings into plastic grocery bags (or a backpack, if you’re fortunate) and heading out into the cold February morning at 7:00 am, knowing that it will be 12 hours before you can get back to a shelter...

In July 2012, the Community Action Agency of Beaver County, as a response to needs uncovered by the Beaver County Housing and Homeless Coalition, established The Cornerstone at 1217 Seventh Avenue in Beaver Falls to provide a single point of entry to many of the county’s housing assistance programs...

It's Time to Smash the Stigma

Pennsylvania is one of seven states that specifically exempts feminine hygiene products from sales tax...While eliminating the tax is a step forward, it is merely the first step in an ongoing battle for all women to have affordable access to a necessity of life...

When the average price for a box of tampons is $7, many women are forced into a situation where they must choose between personal hygiene or food (for comparison: SNAP benefits average $1.40 per meal)... Next time you donate to your local shelter or foodbank, remember that women and families who are food insecure also struggle to afford essential household items, and something as simple, yet essential, as a box of tampons is often forgotten.

Community Action Southwest Changes Name

Community Action Southwest is now Blueprints following merger with Try-Again Homes along with expansion of services to neighboring counties as well as parts of West Virginia  – see newsletter for full story

PA Community Action in the News

The Community Action Partnership of Cambria County (CAPCC) was recently featured on WTAJ News.  WTAJ highlighted CAPCC’s Veteran Backpack Project...

Weatherization Day Toolkit is ready for download!

The National Association for Community Services Program (NASCSP) has released its Weatherization Day Toolkit!  Check it out now, as National Weatherization Day is not far away on October 30, 2017

Working Together to Fight Poverty

On Thursday, September 14, the Partnership's Chief Executive Officer, Denise Harlow, met with Board chairs, executive directors, and representatives from NCAF, NASCSP, and CAPLAW to strategize and collaborate...Topics discussed included communications, advocacy, CSBG, energy, weatherization, and training.

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