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September 2017 Newsletter – Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri Community Action Network

Missouri CAN Network Connection – September 2017
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A Day in the Life
Raising Awareness of Poverty and Inspiring Agents of Change through Poverty Simulation – Poverty Simulation has played a key role in advancing the Network’s goal of engaging community members in anti-poverty advocacy since Missouri  CAN purchased the Poverty Simulation copyright in 2002.  Interest from diverse organizations outside of Community Action—including school districts, universities, hospitals, churches, and city councils—has grown rapidly and organically after the CAPS kit first became available for purchase in 2004.  Today, 1,451 CAPS kits have been sold in the US and 42 internationally...

A Runaway Success
Missouri CAN Run! Raises Funds and Community Action Awareness – IN OCTOBER 2016, Missouri  CAN launched its first 5k run and walk to increase awareness of poverty, weatherization in Missouri, and Community Action...


Featured Items (see newsletter for details)

  • 2017 Missouri CAN Advocacy Day at the state capitol
  • Roundtable Breakfast Series with CAA Executive Directors, legislators, and state department leaders
  • 2017 State Legislative Session Highlights

Network Capacity

Featured Items (see newsletter for details)

  • Professional Development: 2017 Missouri CAN Annual Conference
  • Membership Matters: Biennial Campaign Grows Network
  • Missouri CAN By the Numbers
  • Missouri CAN Calendar


At Missouri CAN, our mission is to advocate for low-income Missourians and strengthen the Community Action Network.
We envision a state where all people and communities thrive.

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