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August 2017 Newsletter – Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

CAAP News Update – August 2017
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CAAP Self-Sufficiency Award Nominations

Each year, the CAAP Self-Sufficiency Awards recognize the significant accomplishments of the award winners while showcasing how Community Action Agencies support an individual's path toward self-sufficiency. Each member agency is urged to nominate one candidate.  This year, the CAAP Self-Sufficiency Awards luncheon will take place during our 2017 Collaborative Conference in the fall. We are very excited to share the successes of Community Action with all conference attendees...

Agency Snapshot: Lebanon County Community Action Partnership

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program, or MATP, provides rides for medical assistance recipients to and from appointments for which Medical Assistance pays. In many counties in Pennsylvania, the transit company operates the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, but in Lebanon County, the operator of the MATP is the Lebanon County Community Action Partnership (LCCAP), Lebanon’s local Community Action Agency...

Community Action Partnership's 2017 Annual Convention

The Community Action Partnership's 2017 Annual Convention reflects this year's theme of Transforming Community, Changing Lives. The Partnership will bring inspirational speakers and award-winners that promise to energize and educate. The convention will take place in Philadelphia, PA from August 29-September 1...

The New American Dream

Recent studies show middle and lower-class Americans have shifted focus away from the traditional American Dream of upward mobility. Americans are instead striving for a stable income without unpredictable spikes and dips that vary from month-to-month.

A 2015 Pew Poll surveyed Americans asking if they would prefer “financial stability” or the ability to move up the income ladder.” The result was a 92% response rate preferring financial stability over upward mobility.

Another study entitled The Financial Diaries focuses on the finances of low- and moderate-income households in the US.  The study followed the spending habits of 235 households with a wide range of geographic and demographic qualities.  Matching their findings with the Pew Poll, the Financial Diaries asked the same question of their participants, finding a 77% preference for financial stability...

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