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July 2017 Newsletter – Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania


CAAP News Update – July 2017
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Agency Snapshot: Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County

A partnership between Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (CAP) and Crispus Attucks (CA) inspired a social enterprise to address two community needs: workforce training and food insecurity.  A Southern BBQ soul food truck and catering service, known as Reunion, was launched in June 2017 to serve as a small-scale commercial training kitchen for members of their community who are facing barriers to employment.

CAP and CA also partnered with the Spanish American Civic Association’s (SACA) Tec Centro training center, establishing a pipeline from SACA’s culinary arts program to on-the-job training experience with Reunion.  This small-scale, financially self-sufficient social enterprise will steadily build revenue generating activity and will make use of the existing CAP and Crispus Attucks kitchens...

CAAP Is Now Accepting Self-Sufficiency Award Nominations

Each year, the CAAP Self-Sufficiency Awards recognize the significant accomplishments of the award winners while showcasing how Community Action Agencies support an individual's path toward self-sufficiency.  Each member agency is urged to nominate one candidate...

PA Representatives Pushing to Raise Minimum Wage

On June 29, state Rep. Patty Kim held a rally at the Capitol to gain support for HB-1520.  The bill intends to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $12 an hour in the next year, with a $0.50 increase each proceeding year until 2024 when it reaches $15.  Though 52% of Americans favor a $15 minimum wage, and Governor Wolf made a similar proposition in his 2017-18 Budget Proposal, passing HB-1520 through a Republican-controlled legislature will be difficult...

For a more in depth look on raising the minimum wage in PA, visit www.raisethewagepa.org.

Pennsylvania 2-1-1

The only legislation considered by the state Senate last Tuesday was SB 211, a bill intended to improve an existing statewide call system utilized by residents seeking information and referrals for health and welfare assistance.  Under the unanimously-approved legislation, the PA 2-1-1 system, which is currently financially supported by the United Way and other private funders, would receive 24/7 coverage, expand its coverage to all Pennsylvanians, implement a text-to-chat option and a mobile app, upgrade its website, and more...

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