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June/July 2017 Newsletter – North Carolina Community Action Association

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NC Empowered – June/July 2017
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17 Hall of Fame Inductees Make the Grade in 2017

Seventeen outstanding individuals from eight Community Action Agencies were inducted in this year’s NCCAA Hall of Fame Ceremony and Awards Luncheon...Visit the Virtual Hall of Fame website to read up on these special “Change Agents” who embody the spirit of community action, each in their own unique way – see newsletter for additional awards presented during the 2017 NCCAA annual conference.

2017 NCCAA Annual Conference Photos

Cowkies for a Cause

Keep an eye out for our revamped Holy Cow! Let’s End Poverty website –www.jointhemoovement.com.  Our Holy Cow! T-shirts are for sale now.  Our new product Cowkies  (Hope’s favorite cookies), will be on sale  soon, too...

Head Start Family Engagement Certification Launch!

We are pleased to announce that the North Carolina Community Action Association, in partnership with Delaware State University, is offering a Head Start Family Engagement Certification!  Designed based on feedback received from Head Start staff across the state of North Carolina,  this comprehensive, web-based certification curriculum was developed in response to the Head  Start Program Performance Standard §1302.91, which states: A program must ensure staff who work directly with families on the family partnership process hired after November 7, 2016, have within eighteen months of hire, at a minimum, a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling or a related field...


In their ongoing  research, Center for Poverty Research Affiliate Ross A. Thompson and Graduate Student Researcher Abby C. Winer have  found that a mother’s level of education, household income, and symptoms of depression have  lasting effects on her child’s social competence in early childhood – read the policy brief.

Other Items (see newsletter for more info)

  • 2017 NCCAA Calendar
  • CAPLAW Resources by Topic – Library of helpful resources by topic of interest for the CAA network.
  • NCCAA 2017 Wage Compatibility and Personnel Practice Study of North Carolina CAAs – conducted every two years with an 81% response rate this year.  Copies are available to non-participating agencies/organizations for a nominal fee.

Agency Talk (see newsletter for more info)

  • Jeanne Tedrow accepts position as Executive Director – NC Center for Nonprofits
  • Jessica R. Aspiras joins Action Pathways as Agency Advancement Director
  • Meet Michelle  Gregersen, NCCAA’s Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Intern
  • Three new faces at the NC Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Action Pathways staff join forces to help build the home  of Head  Start  employee in 24 hours
  • Speak and Be Heard! – Raleigh  Community Action Agencies participated in the 2018-2019 CSBG  State Plan Legislative  Hearing... Action Pathways, identified two clients who had benefited from Community Action to present testimonies about how they benefited from the ASPIRE program...
  • Local Head Start Program Receives Grant for New School Buses – In April 2017 the ACF Office of Head Start awarded a Supplemental Grant for the Head Start Program at Coastal Community Action, Inc. to purchase two brand new 30-passenger school buses...
  • PNC Beautification Projects Hit Pay Dirt - Before and After

Become a Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer

  1. Are you committed to having a high performing agency that meets the needs of the community that you serve?
  2. Do you want to ensure that your agency meets CSBG Organizational Standard 4.3?
  3. Do you want to bring the ROMA cycle to life in your agency, but do not want to be a ROMA certified trainer?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then the new level of ROMA certification-Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer- may be for you – See newsletter and ncroma.org for further info.


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