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2017 Annual Training Conference – GCCA

Georgia Community Action Association

Community Action: Removing Barriers/Changing Lives

July 18-21 in Savannah, GA

Conference Schedule

Pre Conference Training

Building a Sustainability Agency with Julie N. Jakopic, iLead Strategies

  • Beyond Sustainability: Creating Resilient Organizations
  • Successfully Competing for Funding
  • The Persuasion Matrix – A Model for Successful Advocacy

ROMA Implementers (Current Implementers In- Training ONLY) Shawn Howell, Ninth District Opportunity

Georgia Gateway: Bridging the Gap of Georgia's Programs, Joi Greene, GA DHS

Keynote Speakers

Representative Al Williams, Georgia House of Representatives

Legislative Update – David Bradley, NCAF

Community Empowerment & Maximum Feasible Participation – Sharon Goodson, North Carolina Community Action Association

Workshops and Plenary Sessions

See Workshop Schedule for listing of presenters for each session.

Wednesday morning, July 19

  • WAP State Plan PY2017-2018 – WAP Basics & Essentials – WAP Team Trivia: Team-up and Test Your WAP Knowledge (2-part session)
  • Making the Grade: How to Navigate the CSBG Monitoring Review Process
  • Integrating the ROMA Cycle into Strategic Planning
  • TBA/Head Start
  • Behind the Curtain of Healthcare
  • Bridges Out of Poverty Training (2-part session)
  • EasyTrak Next Generation
  • ROMA Next Gen/CSBG Annual Report
  • Strategies for Community Engagement
  • Key New Head Start Performance Standards: What CAAs Need to Know
  • Behind the Curtain of
  • Healthcare (repeat session)

Wednesday afternoon, July 19

  • Plenary Session
  • Fiscal/Admin Best Practices: Round Table Discussions (Weatherization)
  • EasyTrak Next Generation (repeat session)
  • ROMA Next Gen/CSBG Annual Report (repeat session)
  • Healthy Homes Program
  • Coaching: Sustainable Job Embedded
  • Managing Threats, Maximizing Opportunities
  • Vision Boarding for Beginners

Thursday morning, July 20

  • Town Hall Meeting

Thursday afternoon, July 20

  • ASHRAE 62.2.2016 – Common Findings – Get the Most Out of Hancock Software's WAP Online – Increase Productivity with the HEAT Mobile App (Weatherization) (2-part session)
  • STARS: Strategically Training Agency Rising Stars
  • Succession Planning
  • The Utilization of Comprehensive Public Data Sets for Community Action Agency Programs
  • Who are the people in my neighborhood? Producing a Strong Assessment (Head Start)
  • Digital Transformation in the Non-Profit Sector
  • Narrative Change and Racial Healing: Opportunities for Community Transformation (2-part session)
  • The Utilization of Comprehensive Public Data Sets for Community Action Agency Program
  • Making the Wheel of Management Systems Wheel Turn
  • Digital Transformation in the Non-Profit Sector

Thursday evening, July 20

  • Awards Banquet


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