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Request for Workshop Proposals – 2017 CAAP Collaborative Conference

Community Action Association of Pennsylvania

2017 Collaborative Conference from October 2-3 in State College, PA

Inclusion by Design


Request for Proposals

Three-Part Workshop Framework

Deadline: July 12, 2017


CAAP is excited to be partnering with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) and the Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR) for our 2017 Annual Conference.  We believe this new partnership will expose our attendees to a wide variety of mission-driven nonprofit organizations which we hope will spark new ideas and collaborations for your agency.

Call for Presentations

We are currently accepting workshop proposals for the conference so please consider submitting an application!  Our goal is to provide a forum in which nonprofit professionals can connect, network, learn from each other, learn from experts, and together leverage our collective power to create change – not only within the nonprofit sector, but within our larger communities, including the for-profit and government sectors.

We will offer the following seven workshop tracks:

  • Community Action
  • Diversity 101
  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Resources Development
  • Professional Development
  • Legal Compliance and Ethics

See more information about the seven workshop tracks and how to submit a proposal.

Three-Part Framework for Workshop Presentation

Each year, presenters are encouraged to use a Three-Part Framework to plan and implement your 75- minute session, for the purposes of consistency and connecting to the conference theme.

See Three-Part Framework for guidance provided on each part of the framework.

PART ONE: Opening Question (First 5-7 Minutes)
Ask your workshop participants to turn to each other (one-on-one), to introduce themselves and ask one of the following TYPES of questions—edited to fit your session:

  • Tell me about a great relationship you had/have with someone. What made/makes it great?
  • Tell me about the best job you’ve ever had. What made it better than any others you’ve held?
  • Talk about a collaboration you’ve had with another organization. What has made that meaningful?
  • Imagine a flourishing community. What does that look like? What does that community have?
  • Talk about a successful team you’ve been part of. What made your team so successful?
  • Tell me about a time that you had to overcome a barrier; what did you do to move forward?

PART TWO: Session Content (60-65 Minutes)
Please ensure that workshop CONTENT answers the following questions:

  • What do participants already have that they can build on?
  • What are the resources and knowledge that participants are gaining from this workshop that will help them increase their own or their organization’s impact in their community?

PART THREE: Ending the Session (5-7 Minutes)
Reflecting on what has been learned:

  • Allow time for participants to share aloud any “Aha moments” they may have had in the session. Another way to ask about this: What is standing out to you right now?
  • Please have them complete the Reflection Sheet.
    Note: Participants will have one evaluation/reflection sheet for all their workshops and the plenary sessions. They will take this sheet from one workshop to the next.
  • FINALLY, participants will have an “Aha Box” included in their conference programs regarding your workshop.  In that Aha Box, they should write their top 1-3 “Ahas” gained from your session.


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