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May 2017 Newsletter – Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies

IACAA News – May 2017

Speaker Materials  from IACAA’s 2017 Annual Conference

The 2017 IACAA Annual Conference, "Charting the Course"  has come and gone, but the ideas and knowledge conveyed by our speakers continue to inspire long after the last handshake of that week.

The good news is that if you missed the conference or if you'd just like to review the presentations, they are now available through the IACAA website.  Simply visit www.iacaanet.org and click on the "Members" option at the top of the page.  From there you will be prompted to use the following login information:

Username: IACAAMember
Password: IACAA1!

Honoring The Malawi Project

In honor of our outgoing President/CEO, Dalitso Sulamoyo, Ph.D, IACAA presented a $4,000 donation to The Malawi Project Inc. at our 2017 IACAA Annual Conference.  The Malawi Project Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, humanitarian organization, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Their primary focus is to help Dalitso's native country of Malawi in the areas of: agriculture, education, medicine, food sustainability, famine relief, community development, and the development of community leaders.

Not only does The Malawi Project cross all religious, civil, community, ethical, tribal and social lines in its effort to assist those in need, it embodies the mission of Community Action-"Helping People. Changing Lives."

Congratulations to the 2017 Families of Distinction!

IACAA would like to extend a special thanks to all of our agencies for sharing the compelling stories of each of your selected families.  We were honored to recognize and celebrate the families whose lives have dramatically changed for the better.

This year, six specific families were awarded for achievement in the areas of Workforce, Education, Financial Success, Housing, and Community Engagement. IACAA would like to celebrate their stories and pay homage to their deep commitment and resiliency during times of adversity.

IACAA's 2017 Summer Leadership Training

The Leadership Seminar is a 2-day experiential seminar designed to improve the organizational leadership and management competency of CAA management...

Family and Community Development Specialist Training

It's back!  IACAA's Family and Community Development Specialist (FCD) announces its 2017 session beginning in June.  The FCD Specialist credential is a designed approach to assist Community Action staff to learn and apply effective, strength-based methods and approaches when working with low-income individuals and families.  Since 1995, over 2500 Community Action staff members have become certified FCD Specialists.  This training is presented in collaboration with the University of Illinois - Springfield and is a part of the Illinois Gateways to Opportunities Registry.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony on the Prairie Meadows housing development project in Hoopeston, IL.  The development is a phase II project that will consist of 30 single-family homes and a community center.  Five of the homes will be fully accessible and eighteen will be adaptable.  Tenants will have the option to purchase their home at the end of the 15-year compliance period for the proportional amount of debt remaining in the project.

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