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2017 CalCAPA Annual Conference

California Community Action Partnership Association

Innovation and Collaboration: CAAs Building Thriving Agencies

May 2-5 in Long Beach, CA


Conference Program
includes workshop descriptions and speaker bios

Tuesday, May 2

Climate Change Investments of the California Air Resources Board (CARB)


  • California Energy Commission Presentation  on Barriers Study + Roundtable Discussion
  • Why Tens of Millions of People Can No Longer Make  a Living
  • Strategies for Effective Media Relations

Wednesday, May 3

Opening Ceremonies & Special Guest Speakers
  • In-House Crews, Subcontractor, or Both?
  • Racial Disparities and Disproportionality in Policy Making
  • Launching and Leading a Community Collaborative
  • Organizational Standards for Board Members
  • In-House Crews, Subcontractor, or Both? (cont.)
  • How To Analyze Your Local Economy, Why Are People Angry
  • Immigration Enforcement
  • Board Leadership Roles in Fund Development
  • Financing Commercial and Office Buildings
  • ROMA Next Gen
  • Community Action Plan: Voices Heard
  • Advocacy for Board Members
  • Developing Homeless Shelters
  • CSBG Information System (IS) Implementation
  • Igniting Cultural Dignity
  • Introduction to ROMA for CAA Board Members

Thursday, May 4

CalCAPA Annual Membership Meeting


  • Social Enterprise
  • New Organizational Standards for Private Non-Profit CAAs
  • Poverty, Choice and Economic Equity
  • Federal Threats to Safety Net Programs
  • How to Effectively Apply for Competitive Grants/Panel
  • New Organizational Standards for Public CAAs
  • Disasters - How Prepared Are You? A Community Action Response
  • Immigration
  • Making Your Voice Heard
  • Executive Directors Roundtable
  • Community Capacity Building

Friday, May 5

Closing Breakfast


  • Equality, Equity and Community Relations
  • What Should Community Action Do Now?
  • CSBG & Energy:Dual Monitoring
  • Developing a Succession Plan for Leadership Transition:  Does Your Agency Have a Path to Survive an Alien Abduction of Your Exec (or Even Less Dramatic Leadership Transitions)

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