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April 2017 Newsletter – Region II RPIC

Region II Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region II RPIC Newsletter – April 2017
New York * New Jersey * Puerto Rico * U.S Virgin Islands

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Region II Information

Mapping Your Data – Community Commons
Community Commons is a place where data, tools, and stories come together to inspire change and improve communities.  They provide public access to thousands of meaningful data layers that allow mapping and reporting capabilities so you can thoroughly explore community health.  And best of all - it is free!  View guidance on using community commons.

Organizational Standards 2.0 Webinar Series
The Community Action Partnership's Organizational Standards Center of Excellence has released a new webinar series for Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and State CSBG Lead Agencies.  The sessions are designed to provide continuing support for agencies to meet and exceed the Organizational Standard as we move into the second year of implementation...

The 2017 Community Action Month Toolkit Is Now Available!
The Community Action Partnership has released their 2017 Community Action Toolkit, which contains activities, events, and other creative ideas for your Agency to implement this May.  They also have sample social media text and images that we encourage you to use and to retweet and share on Facebook, using our #BeCommunityAction and #CommunityAction hashtags!

National Training Opportunities

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