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March 2017 Newsletter – Michigan Community Action

Michigan Community Action

MCA Catalyst – March 2017
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Wal-Mart supports MCOP food programs with large donation

Thanks to a $50,000 donation from Wal-Mart, Monroe County Opportunity Program (MCOP) will be able to distribute more food to its communities.  The money was donated to one of MCOP’s food distribution partners, Gleaners Food Bank, which used the funds to purchase a refrigerated truck and walk-in freezer for MCOP...

Mid Michigan CAA celebrates 50-year milestone

Getting its start in a family garage in 1967, Mid Michigan Community Action (MMCA) hosted programs for its rural community with little funding at the beginning.  Its services quickly garnered grants and community support and over the years, MMCA grew into a multifaceted agency with 14 satellite locations.  Now celebrating its 50th anniversary of service, MMCA recalls its humble beginnings and expansion over half a century...

Recap: "Making Sense of the Unknown" webinar

CAA directors can find opportunities in uncertain times – During periods of instability, Community Action Agency (CAA) executive directors may find some “silver linings,” said two leaders who conducted the Feb. 28 webinar “Making Sense of the Unknown – A Facilitated Dialogue for Executive Directors.”  Kate Martin of KMartin Works, and Rebecca Kraus of Rebecca Kraus and Associates advised more communication with employees, planning for multiple scenarios and seeking out new projects and partnerships based on community needs.

Leaders should constantly explain to their teams the challenges their agencies are facing and direct staff to focus on tasks that create a cycle of successful projects and initiatives. Understanding how to address employees' reactions to change and reduce the inevitable fears by creating hope is a critical leadership capacity.  Kraus, who is Michigan Community Action’s leadership institute facilitator, said employees manage change more effectively and become more positive when they can see that they are able to produce results and achieve success...

Rep. Huizenga joins LIHEAP members, Walk for Warmth

Members of the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm met with Congressman Bill Huizenga (R-Zeeland) during LIHEAP Action Day in Washington, D.C.  A supporter of LIHEAP, Rep. Huizenga participated in Ottawa’s Walk for Warmth in February.

Did you know?

Returning veterans often need help adjusting to civilian life, finding counseling, jobs, housing and health care.  Aging veterans face the same challenges of growing older as the general population, but many do so without the resources of family, retirement income and secure housing

Community Action Agencies (CAAs) identify homeless veterans in their service areas and ensure they are rapidly engaged and offered shelter......

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