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2017 NY State Poverty Report and Infographic

New York State Community Action Association

New York State Poverty Profile

2017 New York State Poverty Report

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2017 New York State Poverty Report

The New York State Community Action Association is pleased to present its annual edition of the New York State Poverty Report.  Providing a statewide look at poverty, this publication is designed to be a comprehensive resource for New York’s Community Action Agencies, community-based organizations, policy makers, advocates, community coalitions and the general public.  This report does not offer policy recommendations; rather, the intent is to serve as an informational source that adds value to the larger dialogue on how to address poverty in communities across our state.

Additional items are available on NYSCAA's Poverty Data web page including 2016 Executive Summary and NY State Profile, A Comparative Look at County Poverty Levels, and a US Poverty Profile.

The report features statewide and county profiles reflecting:

  • State Poverty Rate
  • Race & Poverty
  • Education & Poverty
  • Employment & Poverty
  • Health & Poverty
  • Gender & Poverty
  • Female Heads of Household and Children Present Percent Living in Poverty


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