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January 2017 Newsletter – Region II RPIC

Region II Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia

Region II RPIC Newsletter – January 2017
New York * New Jersey * Puerto Rico * U.S Virgin Islands

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Region II Information

2017 RPIC Region II: Finance, Human Resources & Leadership Conference
September 21 and 22 in New Brunswick, New Jersey
The conference includes three tracks: Finance, Human Resources, and Leadership, all designed specifically for Community Action Professionals.

O.C.E.A.N, Inc. President/CEO, Theodore Gooding Retires After 22 Years
Ted began his leadership at O.C.E.A.N, Inc. in 1994.  Over the past 20 plus years, the enterprise has moved forward in many directions including: the creation of affordable housing units; expanding from Ocean County into Monmouth, Atlantic, and Cape May; developing mutual relationships with organizations such as the Police Athletic League and the Boys and Girls Club; the creation of the Tiny Homes project for populations with special needs, seniors and veterans; and their successful achievements while overseeing the Super Storm Sandy Housing and Rental Assistance Program...

National Partner News

Results at the Community Level – Learning Community Group (LCG)
The Community Action Partnership has organized a Results at the Community Level LCG. The new LCG will lead and guide a discussion for the participants to establish a clear definition of what community level needs, outcomes, and strategies are...

National Day of Racial Healing
The Community Action Partnership in collaboration with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and more than 130 other organizations are taking part in a National Day of Racial Healing on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.  The National Day of Racial Healing is an effort to advance racial healing in communities across the country to create an environment where all children can thrive...see ideas on what your organization can do to participate.

CSBG Dear Colleague Letter FY 2017 1st Quarter Allocations
The purpose of this message is to provide you with an update on allocations of Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funding during the first quarter of Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 and to provide an update on the CSBG State Plan review process...

The State of Poverty (NASCSP Blog)
Words from NASCSP's Board President – Wrapping up 2016 and looking forward to 2017...

In the News and Useful Information

It's Time to Take Action
It's the first few weeks of the new Congress and it's time to take action.  CFED has put together a few ways you can get started to support low-income and moderate-income families.  Make Homeownership Affordable, Support Working Families, Sign up for a Virtual Regional Listening & Strategy Session.

Transportation Toolkit
The Transportation Toolkit from the U.S. Department of Transportation is geared toward members of the public who wish to learn how to engage in the transportation decision-making process at the local, regional, state, and federal levels...

The Declining Productivity of Education
U.S. Economic Development has stalled. We've recently learned that about only half of people born around 1980 earn more today than their parents did at a similar age and the nation's deteriorating education sector is one important factor; culpable for both weak economic growth and rising income inequality – read the full article from Brookings.

National Training Opportunities

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